Take away food

“In the Krivograd Guesthouse we also prepare dishes that you can take home with you.”

It often happens that you don’t have time to sit down and peacefully enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of the Krivograd Guesthouse, however, you like to eat at our place and taste our specialties. That is why, we enable our guests to order food in advance and then take it home with them.

“Are you not in the mood or you don’t have time, ideas and ingredients to cook? Would you like to nibble calamari in your cosy armchair at home? You have nothing to treat your unexpected guest with?”

We ensure that prepared food can be taken home (or to work) so that you can surprise you loved ones. The food is packed in a Styrofoam packages (at an additional cost) in which the dishes stay warm and fresh on your way home.

“The take-away beefsteak tartar isn’t only a raw chunk of meat but with colourful vegetables, butter and mayonnaise aesthetically decorated plate.”

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