A la carte

“Even the most demanding guest will find his own dish choosing from the diverse selection of the fine » a la carte dishes«.”

The menu of Restaurant Krivograd includes dishes that our guests like. They are genuine, very much to our taste and prepared on the basis of domestic as well as foreign cooking knowledge.

The Krivograd Guest-house offers a choice of “a la carte” dishes:

  • cold and hot appetizers,
  • soups,
  • fish and seafood,
  • grilled dishes,
  • turkey or pork chops in several ways (stuffed, stuffed, filled …),
  • beef steaks, bull’s testicles,
  • game,
  • vegetarian dishes,
  • dishes for our little guests,
  • salads and salad dishes,
  • desserts.


“Enjoy your safe meal!”

For all of those who need to be careful about allergenic ingredients we prepared anoverview of all allergens that are present in our food offer.

Please alert us about you allergies or oversensitivity to certain food so that we can be extra careful when preparing your dish.

For questions and additional help our waiting staff, as well as our chef, are gladly available. For people with celiac disease we won’t prepare a boring steak on grill with rise but rather squids with prosciutto and cheese, potatoes with swiss chard, and for those more bolt, roasted bulls testicles.