Where to go in Koroška?

“Carinthia is famous for its unspoilt nature, deep forests, beautiful hills and mountains.”

In Carinthia, the traveller can discover hidden and little less hidden places for relaxation and excursions. Different events are organized throughout the year and winters are generous with snow.

Ski resorts

There are excellent facilities for skiing. In the immediate vicinity (50 m) there are cross-country skiing courses, and you can also enjoy an alpine skiing experience on the surrounding skiing slopes:

Offer for sport oriented guests

Mountains and hills

The Krivograd Guesthouse can be your starting point for visiting the nearby hills and mountains:

Offer for sport oriented guests

Cycling routes

Past the Krivograd Guesthouse leads a bicycle path along which you can explore the valley of the river Meža. Than you can continue your trip into the Mislinja or Drava valley. For more demanding and physically better prepared to cyclists, we recommend visiting the mountain paths, offering unspoiled nature and adventure trips.

Nearby attractions

Popular excursions and tourist spots are situated near Krivograd Guesthouse, which you can visit for a quiet vacation or research.

Events in Carinthia

January Snow castles of King Matjaž (Podpeca, Črna)
February Berneker awards (Slovenj Gradec)
March Traditional Fair Black Sunday (Ravne)
April Traditional Fair Black Sunday (Ravne), Pliberk ham holiday  (Bleiburger Schinkenfest)
May Marathon Kralj Matjaž (Pliberk/Bleiburg), Medieval market day (Slovenj Gradec), Celebration in honor of freedom and peace (Poljana, Prevalje), Festival Solzice (Ravne na Koroškem, Kotlje)
June Dravograd night (Dravograd), Carinthian Cultural Summer (Mežica, Mislinja and Drava valley), Central Police Day ceremony and the unveiling of the monument (Holmec), Black Hole fest, downhill with mountain bikes (Črna na Koroškem)
July Meeting statesmen under Najevska lipa (Črna), Koroško kulturno poletje (Mežiška, Mislinjska and Dravska dolina), Enduro world series Peca +  Black hole bike .
August Carinthian Tourist Week (Črna), Ravne days (Ravne), Carinthian Cultural Summer (Mežica, Mislinja and Drava valley)
September Jormak (Ploberk/Bleiburg), Aero-Expo Fair (Slovenj Gradec), International Symposium and School songs of Hugo Wolf (Slovenj Gradec), Autumn Meetings (Prevalje)
October International Symposium and School songs of Hugo Wolf (Slovenj Gradec), Elf land (Slovenj Gradec)
November Elizabeth Fair (Slovenj Gradec)
December Cristmas fairs, (Marry december in Mežica) Marry December in Mežica , Mountain Peza Christmas fair.